Own the ultimate in home entertainment with the Digital Jukebox by Jim Wilkerson.  What was originally conceived back in 1993 is now a reality.  This is the system that all your friends and co-workers will be talking about days after the party at your house.

    On-demand instant play of your favorite music.

    No wear-and-tear on your valuable CD collection

    Store your favorite selections in one location

    Stores 2500 titles* with options to store more

    CD Quality Audio
    Stereo mixer allows mixing of synthesizer, microphone, TV, and other external audio sources
    Store unlimited databases.  Each database stores up to 1000 groups with 10 items per group.
Fast and Convenient.
    15" or 17" Touch screen monitor controls the system
    One-touch random play of any of your favorite selection groups
    Plays multiple media formats, CD Audio, CD video, DVD, MP3, RealAudio, etc.**
    Allows you to mix different formats together on the same play list


    Master version allows multiple locations to play the selections of their choice, independent of what others are playing
    Allow existing PCs to connect as remote "sound stations"***
    Remote sound stations start as low as $995, complete with display and speakers.
    Based on industry standard components
    Upgrade storage arrays to hold more than 10,000 titles
    Most functions are done via software so they are easily upgraded
    TV and cable tuner
    Video camera input and capture board
    Tape backup
    CD Recorder lets you make your own mix of music for the road or wherever you want your favorite music
    Remote control - allows you to control the jukebox via the internet or over the phone


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